Women’s Council of REALTORS®

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Mission of Women’s Council of REALTORS®

We are a network of successful REALTORS®, advancing women as business leaders in the industry and in the communities we serve.

Women’s Council Vision And Long Term Goals

Vision Statement: The Women’s Council of REALTORS® is recognized as the voice for women in real estate, and the premier source for the development of leaders in the industry, organized real estate and beyond.

  1. Women’s Council is a dynamic, accessible and diverse network, linking each member to the tools, training and support to develop their individual leadership potential and business goals.
  2. Women’s Council identifies, supports and promotes the development of strong women business leaders in the industry, organized real estate and in the broader community.
  3. Women’s Council provides an influential voice and perspective for women in real estate.
  4. Women’s Council’s local and state networks consistently deliver high membership value and a collaborative, welcoming environment in which members can achieve their business goals.
  5. Women’s Council is an efficient organization with the structure and capacity to fulfill  the Council mission and vision with excellence.

Women’s Council Core Values

Members of the Women’s Council of REALTORS® are career professionals who operate based on a shared value system of integrity and respect, and a commitment to excellence and continuous development.

Success in business today is achieved through positive, productive collaboration. The Women’s Council of REALTORS® provides an environment in which members support each other and work together to achieve personal growth and business success.

Every business, industry and community needs business who can inspire others and effect positive change. Through the Women’s Council of REALTORS®, members can discover and develop their authentic leadership style, apply new found leadership skills, and pursue leadership opportunities across all areas of their personal and professional lives.

Positive change comes from greater inclusion of women’s perspectives in positions of influence in the real estate industry and in the broader community.

The Council member network is enriched by embracing the full diversity of our industry, and the opportunity to contribute different experiences, ideas and perspectives.

A Proud Affiliate of NAR

Women’s Council of REALTORS® is a proud affiliate of the National Association of REALTORS® with an 80-year history of partnership and collaboration. The organization seeks to complement not compete with NAR and its affiliated local and state associations.

Congratulations to 2021 recipients of the Supporting Women of Real Estate grant program! Click here for the list of winners.

Some core principles in our affiliation with NAR and local and state REALTOR®associations include the following:

  • Operations
    The Council maintains its headquarters in the REALTOR® building in Chicago with the purpose of maintaining a physical presence with NAR and seeks operational efficiencies where possible and appropriate.
  • State and National meetings
    The Council, where possible, works at the state and national level with state REALTOR® associations and the NAR to coordinate its meetings, so that members can maintain their volunteerism and involvement. The two Council’s flagship national meetings are held in conjunction with the NAR annual meeting (held in different cities each year) and its midyear meeting (held in Washington, DC each May).
  • Communication
    As one of the strongest communication networks in the REALTOR® family, the Council seeks to distribute information to its membership that is relevant, timely, and furthers the goals of the REALTOR® organization. Additionally, the Council encourages its 250 local and state networks to reach out to local and state REALTOR® organizations where possible and appropriate to coordinate activities, goals and events.
  • Lobbying and Advocacy
    The Council will refer any lobbying or advocacy efforts to the REALTOR®organization and should relevant policy issues arise, it will work through the REALTOR® organization to ensure that advocacy efforts and coordinated and aligned. The Council will promote participation in RPAC and assist its members in promoting and understanding the benefits that such an investment makes.
  • Leadership
    As a leadership organization, the Council seeks to prepare its members for leadership positions at the local, state and national level at the National Association of REALTORS®, and actively encourages involvement in these leadership opportunities.
  • Candidates for REALTOR® office
    As an organization, the Women’s Council of REALTORS® does not support, finance, or back any candidates for national office, regardless of gender or affiliation of membership. Rather, the Council acts as a forum where candidates are encouraged to campaign for office and address an influential group of business leaders. When candidates are running for contested races, the Council will offer opportunities to both candidates to engage membership, regardless of gender or affiliation in the organization.